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House Coordinator

Reservoir Hill House of Peace

2401 Eutaw Place

Baltimore, MD 21217



The Reservoir Hill House of Peace in Baltimore is seeking a couple or an individual to serve as House Coordinator at the

Reservoir Hill House of Peace (RHHP)

(This is a volunteer position; see below for more details.)


As a ministry of the North Baltimore Mennonite Church (NBMC), the Reservoir Hill House of Peace offers:

  • Housing for persons who want to share God’s reconciling love by living in a house community that is situated in a culturally and racially diverse urban setting in the city of Baltimore, while sharing a common vision of reconciliation and service.

  • Shelter for asylum seekers, seeking to integrate them into the house community and facilitating inter-cultural sharing.




  • Commitment to the mission of the house

  • Demonstrated ability to organize multiple tasks, take initiative and be self-directed

  • Supportive of the house purposes and values and a willingness to partner with the sponsoring congregation, NBMC

  • Ability to relate well to a wide variety of peoples and cultures

  • Ability to resolve conflict in a healthy manner

  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally



  1. Building and Supporting Community Life in the house

    • Foster healthy relationships among house residents

    • Ensure that there is a well-functioning household work/cleaning schedule

    • Conduct monthly RHHP household meetings to provide opportunity for feedback and to keep community life functional and prosperous.

    • Coordinate the logistics of household space (bedrooms, kitchen, guests, etc.)

    • Encourage, and facilitate community building events for the household

    • Provide appropriate orientation and welcome for incoming residents

    • Oversee the departure of residents (room inspection, collect keys, etc.)

    • Assist in mediating internal conflicts or disagreements as needed.

  2. Oversee House Operations

    • Oversee and ensure routine building maintenance, including minor repairs, and proper yard care

    • Report major repairs or other property issues and concerns to RHHP Committee

    • Plan and facilitate seasonal work days with the RHHP committee

    • Coordinate the completion of major repairs or renovations

    • Ensure security and fire safety (including a fire drill every 6 months)

  3. Community Finances

    • Ensure monthly rent is collected

    • Work with community treasurer who manages the community fund

    • Oversee inventory of household supplies

    • Make major purchases for the house as approved by the RHHP treasurer; submit invoices for reimbursement as needed.


  1. Participate in strengthening and articulating the vision of the house in partnership with NBMC and the respective house committees.


Compensation: This is a volunteer position; coordinator(s) will receive a rent-free room and a monthly stipend. A minimum of 6 months is envisaged; longer term preferred.


Married couples or single individuals are invited to apply. Not suitable for families with children.



The House Coordinator works in partnership with the RHHP Committee, attends RHHP committee meetings, and is accountable to the RHHP Executive Board.


Additional information can be found in the RHHP Handbook.


For more information or to make application, contact: John Yoder, Chair, RHHP/ASHN Executive Committee, at ashn.office@gmail.com or call: 316.640.6903

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