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ASHN provides long-term housing for asylum seekers in an intentional community house - the Reservoir Hill House of Peace (RHHP). Residents of RHHP include Mennonite and Brethren volunteers and others committed to intentional community living. ASHN residents are expected to actively involve themselves in this dynamic community.

Clients bring incredible strength and diversity to the ASHN community. The larger ASHN community includes many volunteers who work with clients directly or indirectly through volunteering their time and skills to manage and grow ASHN.


ASHN was created and continues to be managed by a group of dedicated volunteers who make up the Steering Committee. The ASHN Steering Committee oversees planning and finances.


Assist asylum seekers in transition to self sufficiency; giving them the foundation to create new lives and reunite and support their families.


Build a network of resources in the Baltimore area to develop a sustainable model of housing and community support for asylum seekers.

How ASHN Works

ASHN, through RHHP, provides long-term housing to asylum seekers and works with partner organizations to provide social support. ASHN is not an emergency shelter and cannot provide immediate housing.  Asylum seekers must first apply and be accepted as ASHN clients before housing is provided.  Please see here for application information.

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4615 Roland Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21210




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